WORKshop on Single Photons

March 31st 2014

LASER COMPONENTS will host the first “Single Photon Day” on March 31st 2014. The topic of the seminar is single photons and their importance for life science experiments, implementations in quantum optics and quantum information as well as technical applications in the industry.

Suppliers, research scientists and industrial users will be making contributions.


Please note that the analytica 2014 trade show will take place in Munich from April 1-4, 2014.


Detailed Program with Abstracts
Program and Details.pdf
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Life Science & Biophysics:
        MPI Göttingen – Superresolution imaging
        IPHT Jena – Superconducting nanowires
        Uni Saarland – In-vivo fluorescence imaging
        Uni Stuttgart – Fluorescence spectroscopy 

Quantum Optics / Quantum Information:
        AIT Vienna – Investigations and modelling of photon statistics
        with a down conversion system 
        Uni Innsbruck – Time-bin entanglement from quantum dots
        LMU Munich, Cryptography Group – Detectors for quantum information
        LMU Munich, Cavity Quantum Optics Group – Single-photon sources
        and microscopy with fiber-based optical microcavities

Industrial Applications:
        PicoQuant – Time-resolved photon counting

        PD-LD – Stabilized laser sources
        QuTools – Behind the scenes: Time difference histograms
        Laser Components – Single photon detection technologies


Participation is free of charge!

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